Last month I started Debbie Rodrigues's  365 Questions for a Better You. Each day she posts one of the following questions and you answer it, pretty simple right. 

When I was answering the March Edition, Questions #60-90 the answer came easily when I read the question, but then I really thought, is this the answer that I would want to portray to the public. But here is the thing, this is about discovering who you are, who you want to be, and becoming a better you. So I am going to be as honest and upfront as possible when it comes to answering these question. 





91. How hard/easy is it for you to express your feelings?
Expressing my feeling isn't exactly the easiest thing because I know there could be a moment of rejection or someone may misinterpret the point I am trying to express. At other times it is really simple for me, especially if it has to do with my morals and values, I know my self-worth and what I value as my character.

92. Name one of your skills you’d like to teach others.
I would love to teach others the skill of time management. I have recently discovered my love for planning and organizing my time. This is mainly because I find that there are not enough hours in the day- but I find that I am not always optimizing my time. With the title that I have, there is so much that I want to be doing- but I waste time instead. I've learned how to pre-plan my work and organize my time so that I can do almost all that I want to and do not feel like I have wasted a day. 

93. Do you procrastinate on a regular basis?
It really depends on what the task it. Currently, if it is going for a run than absolutely. The weather is cold and wet. That does not make for a happy girl out running. But I have started living healthier based on knowing that if I procrastinate my health it could have repercussions down the road.  

94. Do you sleep more or fewer hours on the weekends?
Recently it is fewer. I find a lot of my events are on weekends or at the end of the week. So I will spend Thursdays-Sundays at events and then Fridays-Mondays work on writing up blogs and editing video footage from different events or pageant adventures. I think more Tuesdays are my entire weekend. 

95. What’s your Super Power?
My Super Power would be being invisible. Going from this large glittering crown and red and white CANADA sash doesn't really allow you to blend in. But when I am able to just be what I consider 'normal' in jeans and a jacket without the pageant world it is nice not to have all eyes on me when I am buying a coffee or going out. It's an interesting juxtaposition, but I wouldn't trade one for the other. 

96. The last time you wrote a thought on gratitude.
The last time I wrote about gratitude was on Easter.

97. Email or a phone call.
Definitely a phone call. It is is the most direct way to get a hold of me if we have a relationship of some type. But if I am working with a new client I would prefer to start things with emails so I have an exact record of what they require moving forward. 

98. How do you feel when you can’t tick off everything on your to-do list?
I get a little annoyed because I know I like to accomplish tasks- big and small- throughout my day. When I don't I do understand that sometimes the things that I write down are a little bit or a lot unrealistic, but I can acknowledge that I set things into motion that I may not and cannot accomplish on my to-do list right away.

99. What’s your number one priority for today?
My number one priority today was to have a healthy mindset. Today I knew I had a lot to do, email my pageant biography to someone that I am working on something with (DETAILS COMING SOON!!!), answer my emails, work on a client's website, work on updating the events that I will be attending in the next two weeks as 'Miss Canada', much shorter to type than Miss Intercontinental Canada... even though I just wrote it, and do food prep for tomorrow, I also wanted to workout, but I am a bit overwhelmed with tasks, so if I can accomplish this blog and get everything else done my mindset will be much more relaxed and my next workout will be more productive. 

100. What do you want to be your legacy?
Things have changed so much in the last year. I would say last year that I would hope to be the one who broke the glass ceiling for women in the corporate world. After the last year and all that I have accomplished and experienced, I would hope my legacy would be someone who influenced change in an industry that I was passionate about. It sounds vague, and it is. But I want to be happy in what I continue to pursue in life, I think that will be part of it. People will hopefully say, she loved what she did. 

101. One piece of advice to your younger self.
To my younger self. I wish I knew that do not take things so personally. To quote Princess Diaries and Elenor Roosevelt,

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Let's be honest, what people say about you and to you can absolutely hurt, but it is your reaction that matters. If you blow things out of proportion and you really let things get to you, then it becomes personal. My mom would always tell me "It's like water running off a duck's back."  A) Thank you Mom for your words of the universe as I like to call them, and B) of course my mom was right. If you make things personal your reaction will be seen on a large scale, but it is up to you. You have the means to acknowledge that something happened or things were said,  but you control your reaction to how you feel about someting; let it roll off your back and move on.

102. How do you impact the lives of others on a daily basis?
I have made a conscious effort to remove the negativity in my life and focus on healthy choice. At the beginning of the month, only though it has been a couple of days I have been doing food prep for my household to focus on putting healthy food into our body. Each day the family has breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, followed by dinner. The dishes have all been phenomenal. It may be a small thing right now, but it could really be a good lifestyle that we fully adopt into our lives.


103.Favorite part of your body and why.
I've been told that I have beautiful eyes. I think a person's eyes says a lot about who they are. People joke about my eyes changing colour, and they kind of do since I have been told they are brown sometimes, amber others, or hazel. I really do not know, but I do love my eyes because no matter how old I am, my eyes I think will stay pretty much the same as I age, except maybe lightening the older I get. That seems to be a theme with the women in my family- all turning green to be exact.

104. Are you someone’s role model?
I have been told that I have been someone's role model. But things change as people grown and their dreams change.
I am proud of who I am, what I represent and if that inspires someone to grow that is amazing! I think people have different role models for different reasons. But when an individual aspires to inspire in my mind is what they discover that they have the potential to be a role model. 

105. Last song you sang in the shower.
Whole Lot in Love by Austin Burke. 

106. Your main reason to get up in the morning.
Because I know I can. So many individuals are plagued with chronic pain, are physically or mentally disabled to a point of daily assistance or are dying of illness, starvation or are living in an unhealthy environment. I am blessed with so many things I do not have a reason not to get up in the morning. I can get up so I do.

107. Something you’re thankful for.
I am thankful for being able to acknowledge my emotions recently. To understand what I need to do to put myself and my overall well-being

108. What colour relates to the way you feel right now?
That colour when you add the perfect amount of milk or cream to coffee- that is the colour. It is calming and warm and comforting all at once. 

109. When was the last time you meditated?
I have never actually sat down and meditated except for at Miss Intercontinental with Miss India, but every day I do go over things that I am thankful for if that counts in the definition of meditation. 

110. What’s your most incredible and scary Dream?
I will take a pass on this question. I don't talk about what dreams I've had good or bad.  Just a personal choice. 

111. Your favorite quote.
My favourite quote as of right now comes from the film, A Little Chaos, King Louis XIV says, "And what protection can the gardener afford this rose from the harsh elements of change?" Sabine De Barra responds: 

Patience, care, and a little warmth from the sun are our best hope your Majesty.

112. Sandals or sneakers?

113. When you go to bed, how easy is it for you to fall asleep?
Like I said above, depends on the day. If I have a lot of my mind sometimes it takes hours, others I am out like a light because I am so mentally and physically drained. 

114. What bad habit do you need to eliminate to achieve your goals?
Stop procrastinating working out in the winter when I am at home. Still, haven't done that today, but I am going to make a cup of tea and do some stretching while watching a movie so I can relax before I go to bed.

115. Have you ever had depression?
I have had depression, but I also understand the difference between depression and sadness. I am so happy to know how to identify the two personally for myself. So many people can confuse the two and just tell someone to suck it up, each person identifies mental illness differently and it impacts them uniquely because they are different from someone else. 

116. How does your ideal day look?
Cliche, but I would either hope something exciting, with loved ones or reading a book at home feeling happy and safe with a cup of coffee or tea.

117. An accomplishment that makes you proud of yourself.
Recently becoming involved with AARCS, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society in Calgary! Big Things COMING SOON!

118. What’s your Life Mission?
To influence positive change in our world. to be happy, to love and be loved unconditionally. 

119. How would you describe your alarm clock?
Currently internal. 

120. How do you plan to achieve your main Goal?
Dedication, faith, and self-love and authenticity. 

#106. Your Main Reason to Get Up in the Morning


These questions definetly challeneged me more to look inwards than the MARCH EDITION did.